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Bringing standardisation to healthcare

Discover Carradale Futures' (cloud-based) platform. SOPHIA, empowers healthcare organisations to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and improve patient care through comprehensive, digitised standard operating procedures

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Over 500 healthcare staff are using SOPHIA to improve patient outcomes and save time
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Protocolisation offers one of the simplest routes to tackling unwarranted variation and its downstream impact on clinical safety. Using SOPHIA, our clients are embedding within their organisations a library of digitised, optimised standard operating procedures (SOPs).​

Optimised SOPs save staff time, support true multi-skilling and help to make best use of scarce resources such as theatre capacity and diagnostic equipment.  

We have built up one of the largest libraries of healthcare SOPs, covering a broad spread of healthcare settings and specialities. As new SOPs are built by our clients, they are available to everyone in our global community. 

SOPHIA enables users to digitally describe, record,  monitor and manage processes with full version history. 

Navigate through different Pathways

Full Auditing Capabilities

Dynamic Storage

Set reminders and Alerts

Attach Images and Videos

Add Digital Signature to a SOP or Checklist

Set Different User Types and Access

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SOP Academy

Deployment of SOPHIA, our SaaS platform, is underpinned by the SOP Academy, an eLearning solution that distils the experience of our teams into a 3 level course comprising 90+ lessons and 100+ teacher led video lessons and quizzes. The SOP Academy comes bundled with every SOPHIA license.