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Case Study:

Using SOPHIA for Successful MaST Implementation

Case Study:

Using SOPHIA to Support EHR Implementation


In response to the pressing need for enhanced caseload management and risk assessment capabilities within the community setting, a Mental Health Trust in S.E. England embarked on implementing MaST with the support of SOPHIA. This case study outlines the journey of integrating SOPHIA to improve the implementation of MAST and realise the full benefits. ​

What was it like before?

What was it like before?

Before SOPHIA, the Mental Health Trust lacked a robust system for caseload management, resulting in inefficiencies in patient care processes and limited capabilities for clinical risk assessment.

What it’s like now?

What it’s like now?

Through utilising SOPHIA, the Trust experienced a notable transformation. The team now fully maximise the benefits of MaST, and are able to efficiently utilise it for caseload management capabilities to alleviate staff stress and enhance the patient care processes.

How did we do it?

How did we do it?

The transformation was realised through collaborative mapping of instructional MaST SOPs, the development of clear training materials, and through serving as a dynamic repository for MaST SOPs, facilitating easy access and knowledge sharing.


Staff were confused and stressed due to inadequate training and unclear materials, which caused:

Lack of Confidence

Lack of Confidence

Lack of expertise among team managers in delivering effective training

Insufficient Understanding

Insufficient Understanding

Underutilisation of MaST features

Staff Hesitance

Staff Hesitance

Staff hesitancy in adopting new technology

Lack of Implementation Support

Lack of Implementation Support

Confusion and stress around the new platform and how to use it


Clear and accessible training materials

For staff, both from their desktops and mobile devices

Easy creation, editing and extension of training materials

By managers or business analysts

Automatic generation of flowcharts

which provides visual representation of EHR workflows

Access Levels Tailored to Different Teams

Ensuring that each group only has access to relevant EHR processes and training materials

Auditing capabilities

To access user adoption and identify training needs

Easy Communication with Process Experts

Enabling collaboration and knowledge sharing

Creation of a dedicated SOP for MaST

A comprehensive understanding of MaST’s capabilities through SOPHIA

Collaboration between team managers, the Trust, and the MaST team

The development of an entire bundle of MaST SOPs


Utilising SOPHIA for the implementation of the MaST platform has had a significant impact on the Trust's operations

Enhanced consistency and efficiency in caseload management processes

Comprehensive training for staff, improving understanding of MAST functionalities

Reduced training time, allowing resources to be allocated to higher-value tasks

Improved patient outcomes through enhanced risk assessment capabilities

Seamless embedding of MaST updates and enhancements across teams

Increased communication between the Trust and the technology partner for future product developments for enhanced benefits

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